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Photography by Radmila Ladyzhinskaya
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"A Seeming Accident" by Dariya Semenova

   Radmila Ladyzhinskaya – A passionate, seeking and observant person, while not indifferent to the world around her, she explores the mysteries of her inner realities. These qualities, in conjunction with the world view of the artist, sooner or later, compel this seeker to express herself in some form of art. In Radmila's case, this form is photography. She tests herself in several photographic genres. Her portfolio contains lyrical landscapes, subtly capturing the nuances of nature, highly insightful pictures of animals and birds, deeply psychological portraits of children. The artist's greatest achievements lie, however, in the genre of social commentary where her mastery is most fully realized through her sharply delineated interpretations of everyday life.

   In answer to the question of where Radmila finds such interesting and unusual subjects for her photography, Radmila answers: "I try to pay attention. But, mainly, I'm lucky". Despite this humble disclaimer, we realize that achievement at her level requires an enormous amount of work. The photographer who chooses social themes must combine in herself the qualities of a psychologist, (the area in which she received her formal education), be familiar with many realms of life to capture, authentically, the full catholicity of her subject, and also, to possess "photo-vision" to be able to focus on the essential, muting the trivial. Photography, like any other art form, has its own 'language', its own panoply of iconic possibilities. An artistic image exists at the intersection of the camera's ability to capture an instant in time and space, the technical mastery of the photographer, and her ability to abstract herself from an artless head-on image of her subject. Occasionally, the uniqueness of the situation or the beauty of the surroundings displaces the artist's creativity, and the determining factor becomes the author's subjective response to the subject. Radmila creates from inspiration, and, in her words "with the desire to awaken feelings, to stimulate contemplation, sadness or joy". The apparent spontaneity or randomness of her work is characteristic of her creativity. But hidden behind this spontaneity is always a premeditated idea, and deep emotional awareness. An example of this is the photograph entitled "The Reward" where the external simplicity of the action barely masks the whole, sad story. "Homeless" is an example of an original approach to a traditional subject. The details chosen by the photographer to express her idea reveals a thinking person to us who, despite the situation, retains his worth as a human being. Often, in creating her images, Radmilla only suggests the theme, points us in a direction, and gives the viewer the opportunity to create the story, as in "Person, feeding Seagulls". In this scene there are two participants: The human and the bird, one juxtaposed on a diagonal across from the other, and between them is open space. It is this open space, specifically, which expresses the hidden symbolism of the scene. The actual act of feeding becomes less important, receding into the background, and the actors become as symbols of a mute dialog between them as they attempt to find their identities in the world... This form of photography, where the subtext plays such a critical role, becomes the genesis and creation of the artistic image.

   Radmila has a series of interesting photographs, indirectly touching on the social scene, but played in the same symbolic key. Such are the cycles "Time moves on", "Useless Time", "Drink-Freedom". This list would not be complete without mentioning the ironic and amusing subjects in which Radmilla emerges as an astute observer, seeing the world in all of its multifaceted aspects. These works include "Belly", "Flirt", "Square", and "But, I can feel".

   Today, Radmila Ladyzhinskaya is a participant in the project "The Art of Inspiration". Her works have been exhibited as part of group exhibitions in the United States and Russia. Currently, she is preparing for her first personal show which will be held in the Russian bookstore located in Manhattan on 5th Avenue between 22nd and 23d streets. Of course, Radmila has much to learn about the language of photography, plumb its possibilities more deeply, and sharpen her "signature". Then the talented artist can become a master of creative art.


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